Sam Cartina

Sam Cartina



About Coach

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago. I spent my childhood playing outside with friends and trying my hand at golf. I was pretty passionate about sports but didn’t make the teams I tried out for. However, one of my proudest moments was making the high school golf team and even qualifying for sectionals during my senior year. These experiences taught me to stay open to new opportunities, trusting that things meant for us have a funny way of finding us.

Turning Point

For over 5 years running became my go-to, feeding my competitive drive and love for fitness. But it wasn’t until I stumbled into CrossFit that I realized I had more strength than I ever imagined. Up until then, I carried around a bunch of self-doubts and negative beliefs. CrossFit turned out to be my way of flipping those thoughts with experiences I’ve collected proving them wrong. It pushed me to keep showing up, learning, and trying new things. Plus, I had some incredible coaches along the way who inspired and motivated me to show up and just keep going.

Motivation & Passion

Fast forward to today, and I’m a coach with a mission. I want to empower others to discover their full potential while keeping a positive mindset and relationship with food, mind, and body throughout their journey. I get what it’s like to start CrossFit with zero experience. My hope is for those who walk into Tailwinds to realize they’re stronger than they think and can handle whatever comes their way. I believe my passion and calling is helping others see that they’ve got what it takes, no matter where they start.

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