Eddy Arnold

Eddy Arnold


Handstand hold: 4m45s

Century (100mile bike ride): 7h 10m on a single-speed fixed gear.

2nd place Intermediate division  at ‘Rep Your Box 2022 ‘ with a team from Crossfit Tailwinds


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Burgner Strength Level 1

About Coach

I grew up fairly active along with 2 brothers. I was more cautious of the bunch, typically wanting to understand anything we’d come up against. I loved being prepared. I played soccer and pursued hip-hop/breakdancing for years. Wanting to become skilled at these interests drove me to gain as much insight into them as possible. The big payoff later in life was being picked for the playoff team on my U14 soccer team and some local notoriety as a skilled dancer. I believe these experiences helped me become the coach I am today because I take value in understanding what makes a better athlete and apply it to my own life as well as passing along that information to others.

Turning Point

A turning point in my life was when I was faced with dealing with pre-diabetes after years of using an old injury as a reason not to be active. I had to take these matters seriously as I would have trouble with simply moving while at work. I fought all the doubts and reasoning that kept me stagnant and reached out to a local gym to “ get my butt where my heart wanted to be”. Tons of people around me have me great advice and support and I slowly noticed changes in my energy and my ability to do daily activities. Every bit of progress has fed the drive ever since!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to provide the knowledge and opportunity for people who want to meet their goals and see their best selves. I strive to make sure the guidance they receive is comprehensive but more importantly easy to understand. I’m impassioned to serve those who make the decision to show up despite ANY reason not to. When you arrive, you’ve already put in 100% more effort than if you stayed home.

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